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Teachable moments: Science Experiements

At one point or another in your dental experience you have probably come across little pink “magic pills”. Maybe the dental hygienist at your school gave them to you. Or maybe your dentist did. You are supposed to chew them, and then check your teeth for discoloration. Where it’s pink, that’s where you did not […]

Multipurpose Mouthwash

Not everyone can stomach the taste of mouthwash, but if you can, it may be a good follow up to your daily brush and floss. Mouthwash is a mix of antiseptic and antibacterial agents, traditionally alcohol based, but more recently also available without alcohol content. Of course you are not meant to ingest it, in […]

The Mouth-Body Connection Part 1

The Mouth Body Connection – Part 1 Common Medications: How they can Affect your Mouth Advice form Dr. Mead’s family dentist practice in Purcell on how to minimize side effects that common medication might have our your mouth and teeth. We take medication with our mind focused on alleviating a form of pain, or prevent […]

When Should I Start Brushing My Baby’s Teeth

Purcell Family Dentist – Serving the Greater Oklahoma Area with dental care Tips for You and your family Off to a great start Early preventative dental care for babies and children is the most effective way to avoid later pain and toothache. The two most commonly asked questions from first time parents are: How soon […]