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Thank You to our clients

It is in our very web-address. Purcell Family Dentist. As a dentist practice, this means we care about, and care for, every age group that can constitute a part of a family, from the infant to the senior. As a family, it means just that: we care about family. For some of us, family has […]

Happy New Year 2014!

Dr. Mead’s friendly team welcomes you to 2014. May this new year bring you health and happiness.   ________________ Dr. Mead is an educator in the dental field, as well as an experienced family dentist with his practice located in Purcell, Oklahoma. To schedule an appointment or to ask questions, please call: 405.527.6568

Dental hygienist – a profession for you?

There are some careers in the medical field that propose to be long lasting and well rewarding. Among them are pharmacists, nurses and dental hygienists. A dental hygienist gets to enjoy many of the aspects of the dental profession, but has to undergo much less intense training than a dentist. Dental hygienists need to be […]

Dentist Fun for Back to School: Teeth, teeth and more teeth!

August is back, and so are long school days. To break the monotony of academics only, why not have some fun with arts and crafts? Did you know just how many ways there are to create fun pictures with a jagged edge we commonly call teeth? 1) Simple edge: decorate you note card or greeting […]

2013 – Off to a good start!

Time to pick up the thread January has arrived, a brand new start into a brand new year. NOW is the time to pick up the floss, we mean, thread, from last year’s dental care. As of the first of the year your new dental care insurance benefits will have been renewed. Take full advantage […]

Healthy Teeth through the Toddler Years

Healthy Teeth through the Toddler Years

[Read More: Dental Hygiene, Healthy Snacks, Dental Care Tips, Child Dental Care, Preventative Dental Care] Moving from baby to toddler is an exciting time! As babies learn to crawl, walk and grasp, the world gets larger and larger for them. The same holds true for food and drink. New flavors, new textures, more variety. Life […]