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Gardening season is here.  If you love to garden, you will soon be out and about, with shovel, shears and pretty plants. What does that have in common with dentistry? Not very much, except that a good gardener will also apply just the right amount of fertilizer to their plants, in order for them to […]

Eating well with Dentures

Exchanging your own teeth for partial of full dentures need not put the brakes on fun and healthy nutrition.  Here are some tips on how to get the most our of your new set of teeth: Start out Small: If you recently had dentures fitted, start with softer foods. Shakes are a good source of […]

Lifestyle: Healthy Summer Treats

Beaches, pools, playgrounds, sports fields… cook-outs, fishing, camping! Dr. Mead’s Family dentistry wishes you an enjoyable summer! What to pack when we go out? # 1 Item on the list should be water. We need water continuously to replenish lost liquids, all the more so in the hot summer sun.  If your children are not […]

Lifestyle: Get ready for summer

Memorial Day, here we come! School’s out, pools open, and we finally had the last freeze in what seemed a prolonged Oklahoma winter-summer roller coaster ride. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for summer in no time. Check your air conditioner and have it serviced if you need to. Double check […]

The balance of living right: Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity has almost become a buzz word. But what does it really mean? It simply means the weights are out of balance. Ideally, we burn as many calories as we consume, and up until recent years children had no problem in burning calories faster than they took them in. Some have argued it is […]

Cold and Flu Season? No Thank you!

Cold and Flu Season? No Thank you!

Fall Fitness Cooler temperatures bring changes, not just in nature. Some of us will sigh with relief as the summer heat is passing, while others shiver in anticipation of cold winds and frosty mornings. Whichever one is you, here are a few tips that will benefit everyone to avoid “cold and flu season”. Make up […]

Playground Fun without (later) Pain

*** The following article was contributed by one of our mothers.  Thank you for the information. *** As young mothers, my friend and I often would take our combined five children to playground outings. These lasted anywhere from two to three hours. So we knew we had to provide bottles and bibs, snacks and drinks, […]