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Tasty Treats without Regrets

For many of us, Thanksgiving marked the beginning of a long procession of holiday endeavors, among which, a lot of times, is a greater-than-usual amount of good food. Holiday office parties, Holiday School parties, Church luncheons and Business buffets – we revel in the monotony of work being broken up by the more social get-togethers. […]

Things to consider when taking care of Grandma

Dental care for the older and elderly need not be daunting, but can pose certain challenges of its own. The best start, as always, is an early one: Taking proper care of one’s teeth from the beginning.  Some people will be able to keep their teeth well into old age with little help from a […]

Tips for Active Teens

During teen-age years the last of the permanent teeth are just coming in.  If necessary, and you haven’t already visited with your dentist about it, now is a good time to consider bite corrections and tooth alinement. But even if your teen does not need braces or other drastic measures, here is a summary of […]

Lifestyle Changes for 2014 – Part 2

In our last post we spoke about how to get going on lasting changes in any area of your life you want to improve.  This article will give you suggestions on how to continue successfully: Find support: Whether you want to band up with like minded individuals, or ask your family or friends to cheer […]

Encouraging Routine

Advent is here! Did you grow up with a chocolate filled advent calendar, too? Talk about routine! The chocolate lovers of our family sometimes hardly open the eyes before they reach for the calendar to receive THIS day’s sweet treat. Goes to show, routine is a powerful motivator. Especially if it comes with a reward! […]

Horray for Sealants

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas; followed by New Year’s and seemingly seamlessly flowing into Valentine’s:  Starting late fall through early spring there seems no end to the chocolate, candy, cookies and every type of sweet imaginable. How to protect our children and teenagers growing teeth from untimely decay? Of course we tell them to brush and floss, […]

Summer Safety: Avoid the critters

Hot sunny days and lots of moisture do not just make our plants grow, they provide ample breeding grounds for insects & critters around the house.  Here are some basic tips for personal backyard safety: 1) Apply insect repellent to avoid insect borne illnesses, and also especially if you allergic to insect bites or stings. […]

2013 – Off to a good start!

Time to pick up the thread January has arrived, a brand new start into a brand new year. NOW is the time to pick up the floss, we mean, thread, from last year’s dental care. As of the first of the year your new dental care insurance benefits will have been renewed. Take full advantage […]

Orthodontics – What is that?

Besides a “mouthful” to pronounce, what exactly is orthodontic treatment, who might need it, and when do you seek it? These are all good questions that your primary dental care provider will be able to answer for you. Dr. mead’s friendly family practice in Purcell, OK, will assist you in all aspects of dental care, […]

Dental Care – an Investment in Your Future!

You may consider dental care a necessary evil, an every day chore like dishes and cooking, or you may not think about it much at all. As a matter of fact, if you were blessed with parents who took care of your teeth, you got off to a good start. You may have no reason […]