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Teachable moments: Science Experiements

At one point or another in your dental experience you have probably come across little pink “magic pills”. Maybe the dental hygienist at your school gave them to you. Or maybe your dentist did. You are supposed to chew them, and then check your teeth for discoloration. Where it’s pink, that’s where you did not […]

Dental Care in Developing Nations – “Dentists without Borders”

As a country, we take many things for granted. Adequate dental care is only one of these things. Our children grow up with regular check-ups from earliest age on;  sealants, fillings if needed, and, if necessary, orthodontic corrections. Later on we receive restorative dentistry to preserve our smiles and the ability to correctly consume our […]

Lifestyle Changes for 2014 – Part 2

In our last post we spoke about how to get going on lasting changes in any area of your life you want to improve.  This article will give you suggestions on how to continue successfully: Find support: Whether you want to band up with like minded individuals, or ask your family or friends to cheer […]

Holiday Decorating

Summer, fall and then – holidays, one after the other. If you are a socially active person this is likely your favorite time of year. But even if you are not, and like it quiet and family oriented, here are a few tips that will save you stress and hassle later on. Make room As […]

Tooth Fairy Trivia

Whether you count yourself a proponent, or opponent of the customary childhood tradition, have you ever wondered where the Tooth Fairy myth originally came from? And how inflation is linked to it? Why you could, or maybe shouldn’t, participate in celebrating a fictitious character that made it to Hollywood as recently as 2012? Historically, Vikings […]

Summer Safety: Avoid the critters

Hot sunny days and lots of moisture do not just make our plants grow, they provide ample breeding grounds for insects & critters around the house.  Here are some basic tips for personal backyard safety: 1) Apply insect repellent to avoid insect borne illnesses, and also especially if you allergic to insect bites or stings. […]

Lifestyle: Healthy Summer Treats

Beaches, pools, playgrounds, sports fields… cook-outs, fishing, camping! Dr. Mead’s Family dentistry wishes you an enjoyable summer! What to pack when we go out? # 1 Item on the list should be water. We need water continuously to replenish lost liquids, all the more so in the hot summer sun.  If your children are not […]

2013 – Off to a good start!

Time to pick up the thread January has arrived, a brand new start into a brand new year. NOW is the time to pick up the floss, we mean, thread, from last year’s dental care. As of the first of the year your new dental care insurance benefits will have been renewed. Take full advantage […]

Heads up Tips for Back to School Dental Care

Heads up Tips for Back to School Dental Care

General Dentist Purcell, Oklahoma, Dr. Mead It’s this time of year. Once they have left home in the morning, most kids won’t come back home until mid-afternoon, some even later if they stay for after-school-care. Let’s face it, even if we asked, or forced them to include a toothbrush set into their lunch pack, there […]

Orthodonctic Care – Who needs that?

In our last post we discussed what hides behind the scientific name of orthodontics: Making sure our teeth are properly positioned. We mentioned warning signs that may indicate that your teeth may not function as properly as they should. In this post we will point who will need orthodontic care, and just why it is […]