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Change of seasons: 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Germ Free

Last, we talked about keeping our bodies reasonably germ free. There are also simple things you can do on a continual basis to keep your house from collecting unwanted “guests” in the form of germs and bacteria. 1) Clean the air Make it a habit to air out rooms daily – and not only if […]

Vegetable Delights – Inspirations for Summer Foods

Maybe you have heard of Erin Gleeson, maybe you have not. But maybe, just like many others, you are reluctant to cook much during the hot summer months, and yet remain eager to continue to eat well and healthy. If you need inspiration, here it is: The Forest Feast. The Forest Feast is both the […]

Lifestyle Changes for 2014 – Part 2

In our last post we spoke about how to get going on lasting changes in any area of your life you want to improve.  This article will give you suggestions on how to continue successfully: Find support: Whether you want to band up with like minded individuals, or ask your family or friends to cheer […]

Summer Safety: Avoid the critters

Hot sunny days and lots of moisture do not just make our plants grow, they provide ample breeding grounds for insects & critters around the house.  Here are some basic tips for personal backyard safety: 1) Apply insect repellent to avoid insect borne illnesses, and also especially if you allergic to insect bites or stings. […]

Lifestyle: Brighten Your Day

Don’t we all know it: The last few weeks of winter want to hang on relentlessly. Especially here in Oklahoma, spring weather changes can be hair raising.  Seventies one day, below freezing again the next. No wonder that our bodies feel like we are on a roller coaster! It is often now that even those […]

An Apple A Day…

… keeps the doctor – or dentist – away. We are all familiar with this saying.  And as it is fall, and apples are just coming into their prime season, what better time to reflect on why eating an apple (or two, or three) a day offers indeed a great many benefits to your overall […]