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Change of seasons: 5 Easy Tips to Stay Germ Free

How to make it happy and healthy through the change of seasons: There are some benefits of dirt, as every mother can tell you, and one need not become “antibacterial” to remain healthy. Germs in moderation prod the development of the immune system, which holds especially true for younger children. Apart from that, though, we […]

Lifestyle: Get ready for summer

Memorial Day, here we come! School’s out, pools open, and we finally had the last freeze in what seemed a prolonged Oklahoma winter-summer roller coaster ride. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for summer in no time. Check your air conditioner and have it serviced if you need to. Double check […]

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Tips for expectant mothers from Dr. Mead’s friendly family dentistry: Pregnancy hormones change the body chemistry and can cause your teeth to feel ‘loose’ in their sockets, or your gums to bleed more easily. Avoid too spicy, too salty, and possible ‘problem’ food items like popcorn, certain nuts, seeds and fibers that might get stuck […]

Which Toothbrush?

There it is: The toothbrush brand you have loved for years no longer exits. It’s like re-arranging your favorite grocery store ever so often: We like to know where everything is. ‘They’ like to give us “variation”. We like the comfort of the familiar. They want to challenge us to new experiences. In case of […]

Healthy Teeth through the Toddler Years

Healthy Teeth through the Toddler Years

[Read More: Dental Hygiene, Healthy Snacks, Dental Care Tips, Child Dental Care, Preventative Dental Care] Moving from baby to toddler is an exciting time! As babies learn to crawl, walk and grasp, the world gets larger and larger for them. The same holds true for food and drink. New flavors, new textures, more variety. Life […]

Playground Fun without (later) Pain

*** The following article was contributed by one of our mothers.  Thank you for the information. *** As young mothers, my friend and I often would take our combined five children to playground outings. These lasted anywhere from two to three hours. So we knew we had to provide bottles and bibs, snacks and drinks, […]

When Should I Start Brushing My Baby’s Teeth

Purcell Family Dentist – Serving the Greater Oklahoma Area with dental care Tips for You and your family Off to a great start Early preventative dental care for babies and children is the most effective way to avoid later pain and toothache. The two most commonly asked questions from first time parents are: How soon […]