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Types of fillings

Hopefully you have needed none in a while, but should you have to get one or more fillings done, these are the options to help you make an informed choice.  Generally speaking, your dentist will advise you on how to balance your choice between durability, affordability, and aesthetics. Both gold and silver amalgam fillings have […]

The heart of a dentist

Have you ever wondered what made your dentist want to become a dentist in the first place? Your dental hygienist to take up patient care? Maybe you would be surprised to find how many dentists passionately care about their profession in a wide array of areas. To give their patients the best of their expertise, […]

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Tips for expectant mothers from Dr. Mead’s friendly family dentistry: Pregnancy hormones change the body chemistry and can cause your teeth to feel ‘loose’ in their sockets, or your gums to bleed more easily. Avoid too spicy, too salty, and possible ‘problem’ food items like popcorn, certain nuts, seeds and fibers that might get stuck […]

“Chewing Gum” – chewing gum?

The holiday season may have left us with a few extra pounds and maybe the remnant of a craving for more sweets. Or,  in tune with our New Year’s resolutions, we vowed never to touch another cigarette. Or, we are looking to replace our children’s favorite peppermint flavored candy cane with something more wholesome. Whatever […]

When Should I Start Brushing My Baby’s Teeth

Purcell Family Dentist – Serving the Greater Oklahoma Area with dental care Tips for You and your family Off to a great start Early preventative dental care for babies and children is the most effective way to avoid later pain and toothache. The two most commonly asked questions from first time parents are: How soon […]