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Tasty Treats without Regrets

For many of us, Thanksgiving marked the beginning of a long procession of holiday endeavors, among which, a lot of times, is a greater-than-usual amount of good food. Holiday office parties, Holiday School parties, Church luncheons and Business buffets – we revel in the monotony of work being broken up by the more social get-togethers. […]

Summer Camp Checklist: Stay safe!

School is out – Summer camps are in! Summer camps are a great time to experience something new,  be part of a team, and boost your level of responsibility, whether you are camper, or camper helper. School children of all ages are looking forward to day trips, day camps or overnight camps, many of those […]

Tips for Active Teens

During teen-age years the last of the permanent teeth are just coming in.  If necessary, and you haven’t already visited with your dentist about it, now is a good time to consider bite corrections and tooth alinement. But even if your teen does not need braces or other drastic measures, here is a summary of […]

Multipurpose Mouthwash

Not everyone can stomach the taste of mouthwash, but if you can, it may be a good follow up to your daily brush and floss. Mouthwash is a mix of antiseptic and antibacterial agents, traditionally alcohol based, but more recently also available without alcohol content. Of course you are not meant to ingest it, in […]

Eating well with Dentures

Exchanging your own teeth for partial of full dentures need not put the brakes on fun and healthy nutrition.  Here are some tips on how to get the most our of your new set of teeth: Start out Small: If you recently had dentures fitted, start with softer foods. Shakes are a good source of […]

Healthy Teeth through the Toddler Years

Healthy Teeth through the Toddler Years

[Read More: Dental Hygiene, Healthy Snacks, Dental Care Tips, Child Dental Care, Preventative Dental Care] Moving from baby to toddler is an exciting time! As babies learn to crawl, walk and grasp, the world gets larger and larger for them. The same holds true for food and drink. New flavors, new textures, more variety. Life […]

Playground Fun without (later) Pain

*** The following article was contributed by one of our mothers.  Thank you for the information. *** As young mothers, my friend and I often would take our combined five children to playground outings. These lasted anywhere from two to three hours. So we knew we had to provide bottles and bibs, snacks and drinks, […]