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Stocking Stuffers of the other kind

O.K., so we didn’t invent this idea. We saw it some place. Forgot where. But liked it! Liked it a lot, actually. We are a dentist practice, dedicated to your and your family’s oral health. So we are proposing this to you, almost as a dare. A dare to be different. A dare to be […]

Horray for Sealants

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas; followed by New Year’s and seemingly seamlessly flowing into Valentine’s:  Starting late fall through early spring there seems no end to the chocolate, candy, cookies and every type of sweet imaginable. How to protect our children and teenagers growing teeth from untimely decay? Of course we tell them to brush and floss, […]

Children and dentists: Whose afraid of the big bad …?

In theory we hope to never have to deal with a child who is really afraid of a dental visit. Hopefully – so we reason – if we have been faithful in brushing their teeth, not feeding them too many sweets, and keeping all preventative care dental appointments they won’t develop cavities, won’t need braces, […]

When Should I Start Brushing My Baby’s Teeth

Purcell Family Dentist – Serving the Greater Oklahoma Area with dental care Tips for You and your family Off to a great start Early preventative dental care for babies and children is the most effective way to avoid later pain and toothache. The two most commonly asked questions from first time parents are: How soon […]