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Dentist Fun for Back to School: Teeth, teeth and more teeth!

August is back, and so are long school days. To break the monotony of academics only, why not have some fun with arts and crafts? Did you know just how many ways there are to create fun pictures with a jagged edge we commonly call teeth? 1) Simple edge: decorate you note card or greeting […]

We recommend: Be mouthhealthy

Today we would like to recommend to you a tool the ADA (American Dental Association) is offering to us to become informed, and stay informed of the latest in dental heath: A website called It is organized in such a manner that it is not over-crowded with information, and very easy to navigate. In […]

Lifestyle: Brighten Your Day

Don’t we all know it: The last few weeks of winter want to hang on relentlessly. Especially here in Oklahoma, spring weather changes can be hair raising.  Seventies one day, below freezing again the next. No wonder that our bodies feel like we are on a roller coaster! It is often now that even those […]

Heads up Tips for Back to School Dental Care

Heads up Tips for Back to School Dental Care

General Dentist Purcell, Oklahoma, Dr. Mead It’s this time of year. Once they have left home in the morning, most kids won’t come back home until mid-afternoon, some even later if they stay for after-school-care. Let’s face it, even if we asked, or forced them to include a toothbrush set into their lunch pack, there […]

Ice is Nice!

Summer is here! We have just passed the summer solstice and Oklahoma has been sizzling with triple digits for some weeks already. What could be more refreshing than an ice cold drink, or a smoothie? While we all agree hot temperatures call for cool refreshments, here are some tips that will help keep your teeth […]

Children’s Fun Dental Resources

Children’s Fun Dental Resources

Purcell Family Dentist Oklahoma Tips for You and Your Family Virtually gone are the days when going to a dentist was the worst thing in the world – especially for children. As a family dentist we strive to get your children interested in the importance of good dental hygiene and proper dental care with fun, […]