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Holiday Card for the Sweet Tooth

Looking for something unique to gift your friends or family? Do you or your children delight in being creative? Here is a delicious and fun idea for a unique Holiday Card –  an edible Holiday Card. We all like to give and receive gifts, especially around Christmas time. But have you ever been stuck with […]

Teachable moments: Science Experiements

At one point or another in your dental experience you have probably come across little pink “magic pills”. Maybe the dental hygienist at your school gave them to you. Or maybe your dentist did. You are supposed to chew them, and then check your teeth for discoloration. Where it’s pink, that’s where you did not […]

Stocking Stuffers of the other kind

O.K., so we didn’t invent this idea. We saw it some place. Forgot where. But liked it! Liked it a lot, actually. We are a dentist practice, dedicated to your and your family’s oral health. So we are proposing this to you, almost as a dare. A dare to be different. A dare to be […]

Tooth Fairy Trivia

Whether you count yourself a proponent, or opponent of the customary childhood tradition, have you ever wondered where the Tooth Fairy myth originally came from? And how inflation is linked to it? Why you could, or maybe shouldn’t, participate in celebrating a fictitious character that made it to Hollywood as recently as 2012? Historically, Vikings […]

Internet Resources for Kids – and their Parents

Sometimes you don’t have the time to reinforce good habits. Sometimes your kids don’t want to listen to you. Sometimes you just don’t feel qualified. No need to feel bad. The internet is filled with fun resources, many of them put out by brand name companies. Yes, they utilize the web to their advantage for […]

Dentist Fun for Back to School: Teeth, teeth and more teeth!

August is back, and so are long school days. To break the monotony of academics only, why not have some fun with arts and crafts? Did you know just how many ways there are to create fun pictures with a jagged edge we commonly call teeth? 1) Simple edge: decorate you note card or greeting […]

We recommend: Be mouthhealthy

Today we would like to recommend to you a tool the ADA (American Dental Association) is offering to us to become informed, and stay informed of the latest in dental heath: A website called It is organized in such a manner that it is not over-crowded with information, and very easy to navigate. In […]

Children’s Fun Dental Resources

Children’s Fun Dental Resources

Purcell Family Dentist Oklahoma Tips for You and Your Family Virtually gone are the days when going to a dentist was the worst thing in the world – especially for children. As a family dentist we strive to get your children interested in the importance of good dental hygiene and proper dental care with fun, […]