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Lifestyle: Healthy Summer Treats

Beaches, pools, playgrounds, sports fields… cook-outs, fishing, camping! Dr. Mead’s Family dentistry wishes you an enjoyable summer! What to pack when we go out? # 1 Item on the list should be water. We need water continuously to replenish lost liquids, all the more so in the hot summer sun.  If your children are not […]

Treat your teen right: The power of a pretty smile

Teenage years are years of change and opportunity. Body changes, mental changes, emotional changes. Times of great opportunity as well as great uncertainty. Despite their often apparent bravado, teens need the strength of stability, and comfort of praise to grow into the men and women they are going to be. Often times teenage years concur […]

Children and dentists: Whose afraid of the big bad …?

In theory we hope to never have to deal with a child who is really afraid of a dental visit. Hopefully – so we reason – if we have been faithful in brushing their teeth, not feeding them too many sweets, and keeping all preventative care dental appointments they won’t develop cavities, won’t need braces, […]

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Tips for expectant mothers from Dr. Mead’s friendly family dentistry: Pregnancy hormones change the body chemistry and can cause your teeth to feel ‘loose’ in their sockets, or your gums to bleed more easily. Avoid too spicy, too salty, and possible ‘problem’ food items like popcorn, certain nuts, seeds and fibers that might get stuck […]

2013 – Off to a good start!

Time to pick up the thread January has arrived, a brand new start into a brand new year. NOW is the time to pick up the floss, we mean, thread, from last year’s dental care. As of the first of the year your new dental care insurance benefits will have been renewed. Take full advantage […]

“Chewing Gum” – chewing gum?

The holiday season may have left us with a few extra pounds and maybe the remnant of a craving for more sweets. Or,  in tune with our New Year’s resolutions, we vowed never to touch another cigarette. Or, we are looking to replace our children’s favorite peppermint flavored candy cane with something more wholesome. Whatever […]

An Apple A Day…

… keeps the doctor – or dentist – away. We are all familiar with this saying.  And as it is fall, and apples are just coming into their prime season, what better time to reflect on why eating an apple (or two, or three) a day offers indeed a great many benefits to your overall […]

Orthodonctic Care – Who needs that?

In our last post we discussed what hides behind the scientific name of orthodontics: Making sure our teeth are properly positioned. We mentioned warning signs that may indicate that your teeth may not function as properly as they should. In this post we will point who will need orthodontic care, and just why it is […]

Orthodontics – What is that?

Besides a “mouthful” to pronounce, what exactly is orthodontic treatment, who might need it, and when do you seek it? These are all good questions that your primary dental care provider will be able to answer for you. Dr. mead’s friendly family practice in Purcell, OK, will assist you in all aspects of dental care, […]

Which Toothbrush?

There it is: The toothbrush brand you have loved for years no longer exits. It’s like re-arranging your favorite grocery store ever so often: We like to know where everything is. ‘They’ like to give us “variation”. We like the comfort of the familiar. They want to challenge us to new experiences. In case of […]