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Tasty Treats without Regrets

For many of us, Thanksgiving marked the beginning of a long procession of holiday endeavors, among which, a lot of times, is a greater-than-usual amount of good food. Holiday office parties, Holiday School parties, Church luncheons and Business buffets – we revel in the monotony of work being broken up by the more social get-togethers. […]

Teachable moments: Science Experiements

At one point or another in your dental experience you have probably come across little pink “magic pills”. Maybe the dental hygienist at your school gave them to you. Or maybe your dentist did. You are supposed to chew them, and then check your teeth for discoloration. Where it’s pink, that’s where you did not […]


We are undeniably living full lives, often on a tight schedule with little or no respite between tasks. How to remain active and productive? The grip to the caffeinated beverage only offers a “quick fix”, and in the long run is bound to create a back lash. Not only does the body get used to […]

Things to consider when taking care of Grandma

Dental care for the older and elderly need not be daunting, but can pose certain challenges of its own. The best start, as always, is an early one: Taking proper care of one’s teeth from the beginning.  Some people will be able to keep their teeth well into old age with little help from a […]

Tips for Active Teens

During teen-age years the last of the permanent teeth are just coming in.  If necessary, and you haven’t already visited with your dentist about it, now is a good time to consider bite corrections and tooth alinement. But even if your teen does not need braces or other drastic measures, here is a summary of […]

Stocking Stuffers of the other kind

O.K., so we didn’t invent this idea. We saw it some place. Forgot where. But liked it! Liked it a lot, actually. We are a dentist practice, dedicated to your and your family’s oral health. So we are proposing this to you, almost as a dare. A dare to be different. A dare to be […]

Tooth Fairy Trivia

Whether you count yourself a proponent, or opponent of the customary childhood tradition, have you ever wondered where the Tooth Fairy myth originally came from? And how inflation is linked to it? Why you could, or maybe shouldn’t, participate in celebrating a fictitious character that made it to Hollywood as recently as 2012? Historically, Vikings […]

Multipurpose Mouthwash

Not everyone can stomach the taste of mouthwash, but if you can, it may be a good follow up to your daily brush and floss. Mouthwash is a mix of antiseptic and antibacterial agents, traditionally alcohol based, but more recently also available without alcohol content. Of course you are not meant to ingest it, in […]

Horray for Sealants

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas; followed by New Year’s and seemingly seamlessly flowing into Valentine’s:  Starting late fall through early spring there seems no end to the chocolate, candy, cookies and every type of sweet imaginable. How to protect our children and teenagers growing teeth from untimely decay? Of course we tell them to brush and floss, […]

We recommend: Be mouthhealthy

Today we would like to recommend to you a tool the ADA (American Dental Association) is offering to us to become informed, and stay informed of the latest in dental heath: A website called It is organized in such a manner that it is not over-crowded with information, and very easy to navigate. In […]