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Summer Camp Checklist: Stay safe!

School is out – Summer camps are in! Summer camps are a great time to experience something new,  be part of a team, and boost your level of responsibility, whether you are camper, or camper helper. School children of all ages are looking forward to day trips, day camps or overnight camps, many of those […]


We are undeniably living full lives, often on a tight schedule with little or no respite between tasks. How to remain active and productive? The grip to the caffeinated beverage only offers a “quick fix”, and in the long run is bound to create a back lash. Not only does the body get used to […]


Gardening season is here.  If you love to garden, you will soon be out and about, with shovel, shears and pretty plants. What does that have in common with dentistry? Not very much, except that a good gardener will also apply just the right amount of fertilizer to their plants, in order for them to […]

Things to consider when taking care of Grandma

Dental care for the older and elderly need not be daunting, but can pose certain challenges of its own. The best start, as always, is an early one: Taking proper care of one’s teeth from the beginning.  Some people will be able to keep their teeth well into old age with little help from a […]

Types of fillings

Hopefully you have needed none in a while, but should you have to get one or more fillings done, these are the options to help you make an informed choice.  Generally speaking, your dentist will advise you on how to balance your choice between durability, affordability, and aesthetics. Both gold and silver amalgam fillings have […]

The heart of a dentist

Have you ever wondered what made your dentist want to become a dentist in the first place? Your dental hygienist to take up patient care? Maybe you would be surprised to find how many dentists passionately care about their profession in a wide array of areas. To give their patients the best of their expertise, […]

Tips for Active Teens

During teen-age years the last of the permanent teeth are just coming in.  If necessary, and you haven’t already visited with your dentist about it, now is a good time to consider bite corrections and tooth alinement. But even if your teen does not need braces or other drastic measures, here is a summary of […]

Lifestyle Changes for 2014 – Part 2

In our last post we spoke about how to get going on lasting changes in any area of your life you want to improve.  This article will give you suggestions on how to continue successfully: Find support: Whether you want to band up with like minded individuals, or ask your family or friends to cheer […]

Lifestyle Changes for 2014 – Part 1

Half way into January, how do you feel about your New Year’s resolutions? Steaming along nicely? Or already losing momentum? Maybe you haven’t really started to implement what you had thought to tackle, or maybe you hadn’t thought to change anything at all. For some people it is easy to just get up and go, […]

Happy New Year 2014!

Dr. Mead’s friendly team welcomes you to 2014. May this new year bring you health and happiness.   ________________ Dr. Mead is an educator in the dental field, as well as an experienced family dentist with his practice located in Purcell, Oklahoma. To schedule an appointment or to ask questions, please call: 405.527.6568