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Holiday Card for the Sweet Tooth

Looking for something unique to gift your friends or family? Do you or your children delight in being creative? Here is a delicious and fun idea for a unique Holiday Card –  an edible Holiday Card. We all like to give and receive gifts, especially around Christmas time. But have you ever been stuck with […]

Tasty Treats without Regrets

For many of us, Thanksgiving marked the beginning of a long procession of holiday endeavors, among which, a lot of times, is a greater-than-usual amount of good food. Holiday office parties, Holiday School parties, Church luncheons and Business buffets – we revel in the monotony of work being broken up by the more social get-togethers. […]

Thank You to our clients

It is in our very web-address. Purcell Family Dentist. As a dentist practice, this means we care about, and care for, every age group that can constitute a part of a family, from the infant to the senior. As a family, it means just that: we care about family. For some of us, family has […]

Change of seasons: 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Germ Free

Last, we talked about keeping our bodies reasonably germ free. There are also simple things you can do on a continual basis to keep your house from collecting unwanted “guests” in the form of germs and bacteria. 1) Clean the air Make it a habit to air out rooms daily – and not only if […]

Change of seasons: 5 Easy Tips to Stay Germ Free

How to make it happy and healthy through the change of seasons: There are some benefits of dirt, as every mother can tell you, and one need not become “antibacterial” to remain healthy. Germs in moderation prod the development of the immune system, which holds especially true for younger children. Apart from that, though, we […]

Teachable moments: Science Experiements

At one point or another in your dental experience you have probably come across little pink “magic pills”. Maybe the dental hygienist at your school gave them to you. Or maybe your dentist did. You are supposed to chew them, and then check your teeth for discoloration. Where it’s pink, that’s where you did not […]

Band Instruments and Braces

For many teenagers the thought of having to wear braces is frightening, or uncomfortable, at the very least. Teen-age egos in general are much more fragile than they like to show. At a time of great growth, change and transition, added silver (or color) as a “fashion accessory” to their smile, does little to improve […]

Dental Care in Developing Nations – “Dentists without Borders”

As a country, we take many things for granted. Adequate dental care is only one of these things. Our children grow up with regular check-ups from earliest age on;  sealants, fillings if needed, and, if necessary, orthodontic corrections. Later on we receive restorative dentistry to preserve our smiles and the ability to correctly consume our […]

Baby Proof your Home

Whether you are expecting your very first child, or an addition to your existing family, it is always a good idea to periodically double check your home is baby proof. Keep floors  and surfaces clean: Vacuuming, mopping and wiping surfaces on a regular basis becomes more important if one or several members of the family […]

Vegetable Delights – Inspirations for Summer Foods

Maybe you have heard of Erin Gleeson, maybe you have not. But maybe, just like many others, you are reluctant to cook much during the hot summer months, and yet remain eager to continue to eat well and healthy. If you need inspiration, here it is: The Forest Feast. The Forest Feast is both the […]