Holiday Card for the Sweet Tooth

Looking for something unique to gift your friends or family? Do you or your children delight in being creative? Here is a delicious and fun idea for a unique Holiday Card –  an edible Holiday Card.

We all like to give and receive gifts, especially around Christmas time. But have you ever been stuck with no idea? Some people seem to have everything they would ever want or need, and if you have a touch of frugal in you, you will abhor giving what seems a waste. So here is an alternative that is personal, creative and – consumable: the edible Christmas Card.

You will need

- A batch of your favorite sugar cookie dough without (much) rising agent; the short bread kind is best

- Holiday themed cookie cutters, or a very steady hand with the kitchen knife!

- Food color and optional sprinkles

- Powdered sugar and egg-white to make a paintable glaze

Make your cookie dough and roll out to roughly 12×9 inches; any size will work, but the bigger, the more canvas you have, and the more you can ‘say’.

Insert your cookie cutters to create a picture like you would outlines with a pencil on paper, for example:
Christmas trees with stars above, Snowman with snowflakes etc


Once the dough has cooled, re-insert the cookie cutters to completely separate the shapes from the background, but don’t remove them from their spot in the dough (that’s your friends’ task, once they eat the card).

Mix edible paints from food colored powdered-sugar glaze, and apply to your shapes and the background with a clean small paint brush. If you wish, add sprinkles on the moist glaze.

Let dry overnight. Voila!

This is also a great children’s craft for your little ones, to give to grandparents.

We hope you enjoy this Holiday Season!

Dr. Mead and Team


Dr. Mead is an educator in the dental field, as well as an experienced family dentist with his practice located in Purcell, Oklahoma.
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