Change of seasons: 5 Easy Tips to Stay Germ Free

How to make it happy and healthy through the change of seasons:

There are some benefits of dirt, as every mother can tell you, and one need not become “antibacterial” to remain healthy. Germs in moderation prod the development of the immune system, which holds especially true for younger children.

Apart from that, though, we want to minimize exposure to germs, especially the contagious kind.

Here are five easy tips that take only a minimal amount of time to incorporate into your daily routine:

1) Wash your hands, or use hand sanitizer

This is simple, easy, and certainly nothing new. Still, you have to remember to DO it.  After you come home, before every meal, before you exit the bathroom, certainly before you cook.  Any time in between you might think you need to, like after cleaning and gardening. In public places, if no water source is available, hand sanitizer is a good option. Just stick a few portable wipes in your purse or car. Alternatives are baby wipes, or water from water bottles.

2) Be conscious of your environment when you have a cold

If you have a cold or flu, sneeze into a disposable tissue rather than your hand or sleeve. Germs on clothing may linger on, and if you cover your mouth with your hand – well, back to step one: wash your hands.

3) Keep good hygiene in your mouth

If you have an infection that also involves your mouth and throat, gurgling with salt water or using mouthwash will help heal the sore areas and kill any new bacteria. Continue for a few days after the symptoms have disappeared to prevent any new infection.

4) Wash any “open” consumables before eating or cooking

Things like apples or carrots that you can purchase in open bulk at the grocery store have been moved and touched by many hands. Also, wash or wipe the tops of cans before you open them, or drink from them. Cans have been stored in any number of places, and if you don’t clean the top before opening the can, whatever may have lodged itself on the outside, may travel to the inside instead. This is especially true for any can you put your lips to. Washing or wiping the top takes only a few seconds but is definitely worth it!

5) Choose “clean” water sources

If you are prone to catching germs from public places, you might want to avoid the water fountain for drinking water, and use bathrooms that have “smart handles” – the kind that is motion sensor equipped – instead of turn handles. Also, if you carry a re-usable water bottle, make sure you clean it every day to prevent bacteria from outside of the bottle to migrate and reproduce inside the bottle.


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