Vegetable Delights – Inspirations for Summer Foods

Maybe you have heard of Erin Gleeson, maybe you have not. But maybe, just like many others, you are reluctant to cook much during the hot summer months, and yet remain eager to continue to eat well and healthy. If you need inspiration, here it is:

The Forest Feast.

The Forest Feast is both the title of a food blog as well as a brand new, recently published cook book. No, we get nothing from introducing this culinary and visually delightful artwork to you. Nothing, perhaps, but the satisfaction that you might be encouraged to eat healthy, and enjoy doing so.

The author, Erin Gleeson, is an accomplished food photographer as well as water color artist, and her recipes reflect wholesome food choices combined with artistic elements. Reading her cookbook resembles perusing an art magazine. If you have ever consulted an Interior Design magazine for re-decorating your home – this is the equivalent choice for ‘re-decorating’ your plate!

If this sounds daunting, let me assure you, the recipes are quick and simple to make, and can easily be customized as well.

Color is a grand theme throughout the book, and you might be amazed how many of the ingredients you are already using. You just never thought of putting them together. Imagine a “Red Salad”, which features a balanced mix of radishes, red onion,  red cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, and three different kinds of red colored fruit.

Consuming vegetables in summer has several more benefits: the high fiber content stimulates the salivary glands, which aids overall digestion. Since the mouth is the first stop in the digestive process, chewing slowly and thoroughly helps the body to get maximum nutrients from your food. Especially non-starchy vegetables have a high water content, which assists our bodies in staying hydrated during the heat. At the same time, they are low in sugars, which makes them extremely tooth friendly. And – many choices don’t need any cooking at all; they are actually even more wholesome served raw.

So, if you are up for a creative challenge in your kitchen, or have gotten bored with the same-old, same old when it comes to serving fresh greens, we recommend you check out The Forest Feast. And even if you were completely satisfied with your food choices, but happened to like art work – this book  will be worth your time.



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