We are undeniably living full lives, often on a tight schedule with little or no respite between tasks. How to remain active and productive?

The grip to the caffeinated beverage only offers a “quick fix”, and in the long run is bound to create a back lash. Not only does the body get used to this “kick”, and will demand more and more of it to continue to re-create the effect, but by overlooking the body’s signal for “rest” and pushing through instead, we are depleting our strength and immune system.

Better alternatives are:

Start the day with exercise:

Filling our lungs, and therefore blood cells, with oxygen is invigorating and will keep your brain fresh longer than a cup of latte. Exercising in fresh air is better yet, if you live close by a park or have access to a pleasant back yard. If you have time throughout your work schedule, insert ten to fifteen minutes exercise throughout the day to renew the oxygen, but even if yours is a desk job, you can get up intermittently and do a few stretches.

Keep your plate varied:

The body will use up carbs within about two hours, proteins last about six. If you make sure each of your meals or snacks has both, between the two, you will average about four hours of energy supply. Whether stress induces you to over-indulge or under-eat, as long as you eat smart, your energy levels will stay up and you will remain alert. You owe it to yourself to take good care of you.

Sleep enough, and wisely:

Your body restores itself as you sleep.  Phases of deep sleep restore the body, alternating with phases of REM sleep which restores the mind. Deep sleep usually occurs in the first half of the night, so if you continually sleep only six hours or less, you run the risk of depriving yourself of mind-boosting REM sleep.

If you have the opportunity to power-nap during the day, go for it! Keep it at about twenty minutes, and you will find these short naps are amazingly refreshing. They also don’t add to the waistline, like ‘quick energy’ carbohydrate snacks will.

Stay hydrated:

It seems obvious that we should drink enough fluid to stay well, but if we get busy we often forget. If you become dehydrated, the body will protect itself –  and the brain especially – by drawing water from the closest source, which typically are the muscle fibers in your neck and shoulders! A glass of water could prove the simplest remedy for a podding headache. if you’re no fan of water alone, you can add sugar free flavorings like lemon or cucumber juice, or brew a cup of herbal fruit tea (like: berry flavor) and let it chill for a guilt free, tasty beverage.

Extra exercise, extra sleep, and unsweetened beverages – not only are these simple, low cost and low calorie forms of rejuvenating, your teeth will thank you also! Exercise will bring oxygenated blood to the gums, which are responsible for holding your teeth in place. Sleep, as mentioned, forms the basis for restorative body processes including tissue repair, and – no sugar – that of course is always good for tooth maintenance!

Next time you feel tired, go ahead and  try one of these energy boosting activities.



Dr. Mead is an educator in the dental field, as well as an experienced family dentist with his practice located in Purcell, Oklahoma.
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