The heart of a dentist

Have you ever wondered what made your dentist want to become a dentist in the first place? Your dental hygienist to take up patient care? Maybe you would be surprised to find how many dentists passionately care about their profession in a wide array of areas.

To give their patients the best of their expertise, and to couple it with genuine care and concern will not only make those patients want to return, but may even give them the impression they are treated like friends or family. Thankfully, due to great advancements in dental care, the younger generation no longer fears dentist visits like those of us do, who remember the dread of the high pitched whine of a drill, and barely adequate anesthetics at best. We try not to remember at all! A caring dentist will make every effort to soothe you and prevent you from re-living any of those memories.

Hand in hand with making sure their patient’s visit is pleasant, and not something to fear, dentists, especially those who also practice cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics, have the wonderful satisfaction of being able to create potential for their clients. You may never have considered how your dentist helped you, but just think, a pretty smile makes leaving a favorable impression with a future boss that much easier!

Dentistry requires as great love for detail, but also allows for artistic creative expression, especially in restorative dentistry. Mold that tooth just right, leave this line thin and perfectly aligned – skill, functionality and aesthetics need to go hand in hand.  Science is progressing rapidly, opening opportunities for new inventions and exciting development to facilitate dental procedures even more.

Dentists are also often “parents”. They work in an environment that comprises a number of people, and if they have practiced for any length of time, it’s likely they will have seen their share of interns. There is always opportunity to improve relations between the team, and pass on to the “next generation” some of the experience and passion that brought them to this profession first! Chances are you are more aware of your own impressions when visiting a dentist, but if next time during your dental check-up you notice courtesy, interest and a friendly smile – they may just be a sign that you dental team actually enjoys their work!



Dr. Mead is an educator in the dental field, as well as an experienced family dentist with his practice located in Purcell, Oklahoma.
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