Lifestyle Changes for 2014 – Part 1

Half way into January, how do you feel about your New Year’s resolutions? Steaming along nicely? Or already losing momentum? Maybe you haven’t really started to implement what you had thought to tackle, or maybe you hadn’t thought to change anything at all.

For some people it is easy to just get up and go, switching gears like switching shifts.  Most us us, though, profit more and longer lasting from incremental life style changes. Whether it be health, finances or career, too much in one go is daunting and therefore doomed to fail from the start.

Here are some tips for lasting success when you approach life style changes.

Quick start:

Grab a pen and paper and jot down quickly three to five areas in your life you would like to improve this year.


Are they somehow inter-related? Show a similar thread? Then apply similar principles to each area.  Maybe you can develop a theme for change in several areas alike.  Build on your theme, and celebrate each milestone.


Are all areas equally important to you? Then you will need to allot equal amounts of time and energy to each.  If not, put them in order of importance to you.

Seek variety:

Change comes by thinking different from what we have, and consequently acting different. Take turns between changing your thinking and implementing the change. Educating yourself on your matter of interest is just as important and valid as the actual change:  If you decided to exercise more, and determined you will spend 30 minutes each day to change your routine, it is o.k. to spend one day reading a book about muscle groups, for example, instead of exercising physically.

Create momentum:

Look at your list, and decide what you can do today to begin with your regimen of change.  It may be as simple as doing a ten minute internet research, ordering a book, or signing up for a class.


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