Stocking Stuffers of the other kind

O.K., so we didn’t invent this idea. We saw it some place. Forgot where. But liked it! Liked it a lot, actually. We are a dentist practice, dedicated to your and your family’s oral health. So we are proposing this to you, almost as a dare. A dare to be different. A dare to be funny, and – a dare to try something new. Maybe just once: this one Christmas, to see whether it will fly or flop.Take a deep breath, and…

Here we go:

What if, just once, you didn’t fill the stockings with sweets and treats and nuts and citrus? Sugar and acid – you know, the things we told you before attack the precious tooth enamel? Instead, bought this really cool electrical Spiderman, Barbie or any other “in” character toothbrush, some kiddie friendly floss, and once, and once only – the toothpaste with the glittery sparkles in it? Maybe an extra set of batteries, so the toothbrush will actually last for brushing teeth, because your youngster keeps it on just to watch it vibrate and spin? Add some vanilla flavored mouthwash, if they like it, to keep it in the Holiday spirit?

Packaged properly, this may yet become your children favorite new tradition to look forward to.  Cookies and candy and chocolate will likely come their way anyway, but with the proper “packaging” (i.e. explanation) and instruction, the more health conscious of our children will appreciate this treat long after Christmas has come and gone. It’s all in the presentation, as the saying goes. And if you do the same for the significant other in your life, they will not feel like it’s just a kid thing you were trying out on them.

Well, we said it. A dentist’s dare. Now it’s your turn. Are you up for the challenge?

Happy Holidays from Dr. Mead and his team!


Dr. Mead is an educator in the dental field, as well as an experienced family dentist with his practice located in Purcell, Oklahoma.
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