Holiday Decorating

Summer, fall and then – holidays, one after the other. If you are a socially active person this is likely your favorite time of year. But even if you are not, and like it quiet and family oriented, here are a few tips that will save you stress and hassle later on.

Make room

As with each season, store or discard what was left from the season before. This way you will have open spaces to decorate.

Take stock

Double check what you may have left from last year’s holiday season, or bought new in the after holiday sales for THIS year before you go out and buy more.

Decide on a theme

Pick a theme or color you would like to adhere to, even if it’s “mixed”. Then look in the rest of the house what accessories (napkins, table decoration etc.) you may already have that fit your theme.

Assign spaces

Try to picture your arrangements BEFORE you go out and buy new decorations. That will reduce the possibility of purchasing something just because it “looked so pretty” – but when you come home, there really is no appropriate place for what you just bought.

Go green

Add a touch of nature’s beauty by collecting seeds and nuts to fill bowls and jars as center pieces. They’re free, for the cost of a walk in the park, quite literally.

Go live

Equally, a live poinsettia or other seasonal plant will add elegance and character to your Holiday decor. Be careful, though, some plants may be poisonous when eaten, by curious toddlers, or to animals, and need to be placed safely out of reach.

Plan for entertaining

If you decided on a theme for general house decorating, keep your colors in mind as you shop for table settings for your holiday dinners. A mixed or complimentary color scheme will allow for variety through the whole season.


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