Dentist Fun for Back to School: Teeth, teeth and more teeth!

August is back, and so are long school days. To break the monotony of academics only, why not have some fun with arts and crafts? Did you know just how many ways there are to create fun pictures with a jagged edge we commonly call teeth?

1) Simple edge: decorate you note card or greeting card by finishing the rim using craft scissors that created a squiggly edge.

2) Toddler craft: make triangle shaped stamps from potatoes, sponges or the like. Use finger-paint or washable tempera to have your child create a “mountain range” by stamping triangles in sequence.  Then decorate the sky above by painting or gluing clouds; the foreground by painting, drawing or using stickers for animals of front of the mountains.

3) Make ferocious animal masks from paper plates. These can be as simply as using markers to color, or as elaborate as using yarn, sequins and other craft material to bring the animal alive. Common consensus: fold your plate in half and make dog or lion  looking triangular cuts for teeth.

4) Leaf art! Go for a nature walk and collect various leaves with your children. Identify leaf patterns and leaf margin by their shape and serration. You can carefully iron leaves by putting your iron on low/medium heat, no steam. Put your leaf between newspaper and gently glide over the newspaper surface, checking ever so often until the leaf is pressed.  Then use for greeting cards, collages or other artwork.

5)  Carve teeth! Quite common around fall and Halloween, carving “teeth” and edges in our illuminated pumpkins will soon be en vogue again. But have you ever thought of presenting your cantaloupe or watermelon in a similar fashion? Dig out your carving knives early – your guests or family will be amazed at what a little decorative touch will do to the presentation of dinner.

Whether you try to occupy and squirmy preschooler, break out the craft box for your school kid, or simply like to add a delightful edge as a finishing touch to every day live, teeth looking shapes are great. That’s what we say, anyway!

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Dr. Mead is an educator in the dental field, as well as an experienced family dentist with his practice located in Purcell, Oklahoma.
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