Dental hygienist – a profession for you?

There are some careers in the medical field that propose to be long lasting and well rewarding. Among them are pharmacists, nurses and dental hygienists. A dental hygienist gets to enjoy many of the aspects of the dental profession, but has to undergo much less intense training than a dentist.

Dental hygienists need to be licensed to practice, and usually acquire their schooling in a two year period in a dental school of their choosing. Further degrees are available to add on. Compared to many other professions, and especially to the college/training of a dentist, theirs is a short time invested rendering huge benefits.

As a dental hygienist you get to work hands-on with your patients. You will record medical history, perform routine cleanings, as well as take x-rays and document your findings. You may make casts for fittings, and apply sealants.

You have the responsibility to instruct patients on proper oral hygiene, explain and possibly demonstrate how to floss and brush. You may also be asked to give advice on nutrition.

Depending on where you work, you may be asked to take part in administrative tasks and front desk responsibilities, such as receiving and returning phone calls, scheduling appointments, and filing paperwork.

Dental hygienists touch on a great variety of skills and interests, therefore this occupation never gets tedious. People skills, technical expertise, as well as basic administrative task allow – and require – a rounded personality paired with professional versatility without demanding extensive college prep time.

Dental hygienists can work full time, or several part time positions. The average median salary is listed as $ 70,000.

If you enjoy working with people,  are flexible and can master a variety of skills, this is a profession that promises a bright future.


Dr. Mead is an educator in the dental field, as well as an experienced family dentist with his practice located in Purcell, Oklahoma.
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