Summer Safety: Avoid the critters

Hot sunny days and lots of moisture do not just make our plants grow, they provide ample breeding grounds for insects & critters around the house.  Here are some basic tips for personal backyard safety:

1) Apply insect repellent to avoid insect borne illnesses, and also especially if you allergic to insect bites or stings.

2) Wear shoes while walking over a blooming meadow to avoid stepping onto pollinating bees. Thank will also keep you from stepping into unwanted debris as nails, glass, or even thorns.

3) Don’t reach into dark places without gloves – you never know who or what might be hiding there, and sting or bite in self defense.

4) Check awnings, old tree trunks, & old flower pots for wasp nests. Best destroy them before they get too big, but if you cannot, call professional pest service.

5) Don’t leave soda cans unattended; worse than a few ants straying inside, a bee or wasp could get trapped in the can and sting you as you take your next sip. If you do get stung in your mouth, suck on ice to reduce any swelling and be sure to be close to an emergency medical service, should the need arise.

6) Cover up! More, rather than less clothing, can not just prevent a sunburn, but keep pesky mosquitoes away as well.

7) If you have to garden by/in underbrush, make sure to wear long pants, long sleeves, hat and gloves, so if you disturb spiders you won’t walk away with a spider bite.

8) Do not try to attract any back yard animals that seem to appear unusually friendly. Most wildlife naturally keeps a healthy distance from humans, and if they do not, they might be infected with rabies. If they do not leave and you continue to notice unnatural behavior call animal control.

Dr. Mead’s dental practice wishes you a happy, safe summer!



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