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ADA approved website on dental health

Today we would like to recommend to you a tool the ADA (American Dental Association) is offering to us to become informed, and stay informed of the latest in dental heath: A website called mouthhealthy.org. It is organized in such a manner that it is not over-crowded with information, and very easy to navigate. In fact, fun to peruse!

All the Basics:

Brush twice daily, floss daily, avoid sugary or starchy foods… all this, but much more than that is found here. There is a section on nutrition, and how it benefits your oral health. Tips on how to balance what is good for your body (multiple smaller meals a day),  and what is good for your teeth (to remember to brush after you eat). Foods to avoid altogether, for both your overall health as well as the maintained well-being of your teeth.

Content by Age

Each age group has its own section with tips and concerns that are especially important for the dental care in that particular section of your life. Like: What do you need to know about dental care during pregnancy. Why take extra calcium supplements? Is there a link between tooth decay and certain medications? How to keep your teens’ braces clean. There are fact and fiction quizzes that you can take to see how much you do know, or learn more as you read.  Kids get their own section, with child appropriate activities and videos.

There is an A-Z informational area which serves an an index of quick facts, if you want to look for something specific quickly.  Answers to common questions are presented in short, easy-to-understand blog entries, or short video clips.

Not sure what toothbrush to get? The site has its own ADA approved list of products, and for example, in the tooth brush section, offers a comparison tool that will help you choose.  Want to know which mouth rinse is effective, or which denture products to use? These and many more dental accessories are listed, compared and explained for the consumer.

Overall, this website is a great tool to learn all about dental care there is to know without being bogged down in medical language.  You may even want to spend some time with your school age child to show them where to find what, and you will not only have instructed them on how to keep healthy teeth, but taught them research skills, and given them confidence to transfer those skills to any other topic.

Dr. Mead and his Purcell team encourage you to be proactive in taking care of your dental needs. If you have not had a regular dental check-up appointment recently,

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