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healthy summer snack

Beaches, pools, playgrounds, sports fields… cook-outs, fishing, camping! Dr. Mead’s Family dentistry wishes you an enjoyable summer!

What to pack when we go out?

# 1 Item on the list should be water. We need water continuously to replenish lost liquids, all the more so in the hot summer sun.  If your children are not automatically getting enough, drinking an 8oz glass each hour on the hour will be an easy reminder (and not a bad idea for the parents, either!).  Water quenches thirst better than anything, and while caffeinated and/or carbonated beverages still are the favorites for the cooler, you should pack at least twice the amount of water than anything else.

# 2 Frozen fruit. It can be tricky to take fresh fruit outside when it’s hot, and not have it spoil too quickly. A simple remedy: Pre-freeze you grapes, watermelon, peaches and any other fruit with high water content. When you get to your destination you will have a tasty cool summer treat.

# 3 Frozen smoothie or ice-cream bars. Using the same logic as in # 2,  you can freeze your favorite fruit or vegetable smoothie in paper cup. Unless you want to consume it soon, you should not use dairy products in your to-go smoothies, though. The benefit of a home made smoothie: ingredients you choose, extra fiber and vitamins, but no additives.

# 4 Iceberg lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is amazingly resilient to packaging and carrying, and taken in a small cooler or freezer bag won’t spoil.  It makes for a healthy snack with lots of water and lots of fiber, and has a great crunch! It’s the crunch factor that makes it the favorite lettuce for many children, and an easy substitute for chips or other crunchy snacks.

# 5 Cucumbers. Same holds true as for the lettuce. Lots of water in an easy to snack-on fashion, especially if you pre-slice your cucumbers before you go. if you really do not like the greens on their own, pack a little of your favorite salad dressing, or just some lemon juice to sprinkle on.

# 6 Hard boiled eggs. A power snack when you need protein. Prepare the night before your outing and cool in the refrigerator overnight. Easy to pack, and easy to discard. What eggshells you have left can be left in any outdoor nature area without a problem, as they add extra calcium to the ground as they decompose. If you are at a pool, however, the trash is still the right option…

# Mystery Snack. Green, slightly sour, goes great with pick-nick foods, and is even the favorite to suck on for some teething children. Best chilled. Guessed it yet?

Scroll to find out.


Giant pickles! Yes! Great with or without hot-dogs. Make sure you pack some.


Happy Summer y’all!


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