Lifestyle: Get ready for summer

Memorial Day, here we come! School’s out, pools open, and we finally had the last freeze in what seemed a prolonged Oklahoma winter-summer roller coaster ride. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for summer in no time.

  • Check your air conditioner and have it serviced if you need to. Double check your electric service plan; maybe you would profit from a different plan or promotion your electric company may offer.
  • Change your bedding from winter to summer. This is also a nice time of year to dry your laundry on the line, if you have one. As you are moving winter items to storage, also tend to fluffy animals and other often used but not so often cleaned items such as rugs, pillows and children’s toys.
  • Get in shape. Winter has many of us more sedentary, fueling our body with food for warmth… Now that it is warm outside, eat less and light, and start dreaming of summer fruit like peaches and strawberries.
  • Treat yourself. Warmer weather also means lighter and shorter clothing. If you feel pale and wintery in your outward appearance, a beauty treatment may get you jump started.
  • Plan your summer early, especially if it involves trips with children. Make planning part of the anticipation of your plan, and you may just have handed your children an idea for a project, too: whether they research with you, or draw pictures, or help you shop.
  • Re-stock insect repellant, sunscreen and medication. If you plan on traveling, get your travel- sized travel supplies ready early. This ensures you won’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste as your last minute item after you brushed your teeth on the morning of your trip on the way out!

Dr. Mead and his team wish you a happy start into the 2013 summer season!

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