Children and dentists: Whose afraid of the big bad …?

In theory we hope to never have to deal with a child who is really afraid of a dental visit. Hopefully – so we reason – if we have been faithful in brushing their teeth, not feeding them too many sweets, and keeping all preventative care dental appointments they won’t develop cavities, won’t need braces, and certainly won’t develop any fear because there was nothing to be afraid of.  In theory, anyway.

However, a person is a person, no matter how small… and they might be afraid for no of the above reasons, just BECAUSE.  Because they don’t like the color of the lab coat, no matter how cheery. Because they don’t like having anyone, including their Mom, poke around their mouth. Because they don’t like light shining into their faces and being tilted backwards in a chair without knowing what exactly is going on. Because the dentist and their staff are complete strangers, and many younger children do not take readily to new people.

If as a parent you are concerned, you can relax. Family dentists are accustomed to frightened or fussy children, and likely have fewer concerns and more patience with your little one than even you do. They will introduce their own dentist vocabulary in a way the child can relate to and understand. If you yourself have not seen a dentist in a while, chances are you are going to be pleasantly surprised how far dentistry has advanced. Fillings, for example, are hardened in a very short time without much of the ‘scary’ noises and smells of ten, twenty, or more years ago.

Dr. Mead and his team always invite you to ask any questions or simply come by for a visit to introduce your child to the environment.

Other tips:

  • Play pretend dentist at home with your child and a stuffed animal
  • Let your child take the animal with and relate his or her own experience as you go
  • Visit a ‘virtual dentist office ‘ online, or borrow an educational video from your local library
  • For the youngest ones: don’t make a big deal. You could explain the dentist is mainly going to count the child’s teeth – and more likely than not you are going to be done before your child can even start to be afraid.

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