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Don’t we all know it: The last few weeks of winter want to hang on relentlessly. Especially here in Oklahoma, spring weather changes can be hair raising.  Seventies one day, below freezing again the next. No wonder that our bodies feel like we are on a roller coaster! It is often now that even those who made it through a long winter season without any cold or flu finally succumb.

Prevent the winter-end-blues and keep up your immune system fit by adding simple touches of joy to you every day life.

  • Add house plants. Easy -to-keep greens not only add a nice spot of color, but increase the indoor atmosphere by creating extra oxygen. You can use them as focus points for decorating, or simply put them in an unused corner with enough light.
  • Re-decorate! If you are adventurous, or your home needs a make-over, invest in a new coat of paint. But even if you don’t want to go that far, make sure all Holiday decorations have been stashed away, and bring out whatever Spring colors you enjoy looking at. No need to do the whole house, just pick you favorite accessories: bedding, pillows, towels, or maybe a new set of dishes.
  • Garden! As it gets warmer, go outside a little time each day to get the yard ready for spring planting. As you rake and dig, you fill your lungs with air which increases your overall well being. if you don’t have a yard, go for a walk – gentle or brisk – as the mood strikes you.
  • Splurge! Time for your favorite HEALTHY treat. Past are the cookies of Christmas and chocolate of Valentine’s. Almost everyone has aspirations to lose a few extra pounds. Fill your fresh fruit basket, or peruse the frozen fruit isle for smoothie ingredients.
  • Dress Up! Time to go through the winter wardrobe and eliminate. Bring out your ‘Sunday Best’ and wear it around the house one time just for the fun of it . If you happen to be a stay-at-home spouse, watch the pleased surprise on your partner’s face as they come home.
  • Say Thank you! When is the last time you expressed a genuine  word of thanks to your boss, your co-workers, your child’s teacher, the checker at the store,  or even your own family members? Whether you are creative with paper and pen, or prefer to text, or say it with a smile – giving appreciation not only creates good emotions in the recipient but just as much in you.
  • Spice up the mundane. We all use certain items over and over: A note pad, our cell phone, the car, the computer,  etc. Add a spring touch to any of those of your most used items, and you will easily create for yourself an opportunity to smile multiple times a day.


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