Dental Care During Pregnancy

Tips for expectant mothers from Dr. Mead’s friendly family dentistry:

  • Pregnancy hormones change the body chemistry and can cause your teeth to feel ‘loose’ in their sockets, or your gums to bleed more easily. Avoid too spicy, too salty, and possible ‘problem’ food items like popcorn, certain nuts, seeds and fibers that might get stuck between your teeth.
  • Many mothers-to-be find it difficult to brush their teeth due to morning sickness and an increased sensitivity to tastes and smells, which in turn create a gag reflex. Brush with a bland toothpaste, or baking soda, or just water instead.
  • If you frequently have to vomit, make sure to rinse your mouth carefully afterwards as well, to clean out acid residue that otherwise might attack your tooth enamel.
  • Keep a water bottle handy. It is great to stay hydrated at any point in your life, and more so during pregnancy. Especially at a time when you might need to have several small snacks to keep energized, it will serve a double purpose as a quick rinse as well.
  • Stock up on milk and other calcium rich foods, or make sure you take a supplement. Calcium is the main building block for bones and teeth, yours as well as the baby’s. If you don’t add more the growing baby may ‘snack’ on your own body’s calcium resources. Better to have get an extra supply to satisfy the higher demand.
  • When you see your dentist for a routine check-up, make sure you inform him or her of your pregnancy. They will not take dental x-rays unless an emergency situation occurs, and refrain from prescribing certain medications. Most doctors will not perform extensive procedures during the first and last trimester to not expose the mother to unnecessary possible risks of infection or other complications.
  • Ask you friendly dental care provider for any other suggestions they might have to increase you comfort and well-being during pregnancy.

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