2013 – Off to a good start!

Time to pick up the thread

January has arrived, a brand new start into a brand new year. NOW is the time to pick up the floss, we mean, thread, from last year’s dental care.

As of the first of the year your new dental care insurance benefits will have been renewed. Take full advantage of what is offered. Often dental benefits are included in your employer insurance package, but will not carry over if not used. Why not take advantage of what is already yours to use? If you are not sure how to apply for your benefits we will be happy to assist in setting up a specialized treatment plan and help you submit it.

Remember the last of the consecutive treatment sessions you had left from before the holiday craze? While we understand that postponing it through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s may have been helpful or even necessary for you, don’t wait too long to continue with what you began. Our team is ready to schedule the last, or last few, sessions from your dental treatment plan to ensure your teeth’s complete health. Especially if you were having bridge work done or partial implants applied, waiting too long may shift the spaces in you gums and make a later fitting more difficult.

If you have decided to become fit in all aspects of your life, and want to include a clean bill of health for your teeth, contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your particular needs. Simple cleaning and maybe whitening? More comprehensive care? Not sure what may need doing but ready to find out?

Call us today @ 405 527 6568 and our friendly team will be happy to schedule your appointment.

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