Getting Ready for the Holiday Season (2)

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a pleasant holiday season without wearing yourself out.

  • Take stock

Likely than not, you will still have more ‘staples’ available from last year than you think you do: indoor and outdoor decorations, cake and cookie supplies, wrapping paper and craft items. Packed away in the attic or garage, take stock first of what you do and don’t have. As you go look, you may even start forming a plan for this year’s celebrations as you go, without too much of an effort.

  • Plan

In order to not overeat, overspend and overextend yourself it is crucial to plan. You may plan your shopping trips, times with friends, and items you need to purchase, both perishable and non perishable. Are you going to repeat some of last year’s themes? Continue to celebrate your favorite traditions? Then you may be able to re-use saved items from the previous year(s). If, however, and you want to start fresh, or try something new, move on to

  • Eliminate

Give away, pack away for storage, or even throw away things you don’t plan on using. It is best to keep everything well labeled, just in case… Giving things away before it is time to make gifts, promotes the holiday spirit even before the holiday season is starting!

  • Think creatively

Get ideas from magazines and books as you plan, or quiz your friends for their favorite traditions. Shop craft fairs and garage sales – for which the cooler weather is the perfect time. Some times it is the ‘unusual’ item that will spark an idea for this year’s decorations, or add just the ‘special’ little touch to familiar looks. Browse for new recipes and visit local farmers markets: There are often amazing deals on better-than-average fresh grocery goods to be found. That, in turn, is good to the wallet as well as your health.

  • Re-stock

Finally, as your lists have been made and the calendar is slowly starting to fill, re-stock what you need. If you don’t wait until the last minute you will be less stressed over what you need to get, and less tempted to overspend.

In all of this, don’t forget to leave room for some extra rest, and your routine items: exercise, and regular check-ups.

Dr. Mead and his great dental crew wish you a successful start into the 2012 Holiday season!


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