Getting ready for the Holiday Season (1)

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, followed closely by Valentines Day. These are the mainstream Holiday events soon to take off, just like one big roller coaster ride. Already the isles are being filled with Halloween candy… Long gone the times where sweats were a treat, and fruit even more so.

At this time of year we do especially well to look ahead to avoid some of the pitfalls the advent of the holiday season is likely to bring if we are not careful: overeating, overspending, and overextending ourselves in an effort to “keep up with the Jones’s”.

  • Avoid overeating

Treat candy for your kids as what it was meant to be: a ‘treat”. Cupcakes and candies or candy bars should be considered an occasional, small reward or fun item, not a continual addition to school lunches or movie times. If you want to make it more of a treat yet, get involved and make a day of it: Invite the dolls, or bears, or Lego figurines your child likes to play with to a “Candy Apple Party”, and both you and your child will create fun memories as well as sharing a special snack.

If you child regularly has sweet items at school, remember to pack the toothbrush in their backpack, and remind the teacher to remind them to use it after lunch time.

  •  Avoid overspending

Isles filled with goods we are told we “must” have, candy or otherwise, draw forth many emotions: desire (to purchase), dilemma (what to choose), desperation (largely from our children who can’t see why they can’t have it all) and even disgust in light of the over extent of advertising we are bombarded with. We can quickly be pushed to by more than we really need, or can eat, by giving in to the advertised desire to purchase, avoid the dilemma (let’s just get it all and see what we need), forgo desperation (“O.k., you can have both, just this one time.”) and even out of disgust we can get more than we really wanted, just because we want to leave it all behind and don’t want to take time to choose. So, very simply: Let’s not.

Coming up with more tips in the next Blog: Getting ready for the Holiday Season (2)

  •  Avoid overextending ourselves

Another pitfall of the holiday season is that we habitually overextend ourselves. Working, shopping, decorating, baking, visiting with friends, incorporating overeating and overspending in the process – and we finally end up wore out and susceptible to all sorts of sickness. A better way is to plan ahead and keep the calendar looking like a good Swiss Cheese: with empty spaces, good for rest and recreation.

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