Cold and Flu Season? No Thank you!

Fall Fitness

Cooler temperatures bring changes, not just in nature. Some of us will sigh with relief as the summer heat is passing, while others shiver in anticipation of cold winds and frosty mornings.

Whichever one is you, here are a few tips that will benefit everyone to avoid “cold and flu season”.

  • Make up your mind

While it is true that changes in weather may affect our body adversely, half the battle is won if you take a few simple steps to avoid being drawn into the mindset that fosters ‘cold and flu season’.

  •  Continue Exercising

To those who cherish the cooler temperatures this will come easily: Continue to exercise. You may want to change your routine a little, and layer up on clothing, but a body that is regularly filled with fresh air and made to ‘perform’ will withstand the onslaught of any bacteria easier than a tired, overworked body system.

  • Do as the Squirrels do

No, I don’t mean store body fat in order to hibernate (even though some of us would like to do that, too). Stock up on nuts, dark leafed greens, and legumes. If you are skinny your body will need more nutritious ‘energy food” to keep warm. Nuts are rich in energy, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids: so the best handy snack you could carry to refuel as you go. Dark leaf green, and legumes, while good at any time of the year, will provide your body with extra fiber and healthy ingredients to transition into cooler weather.

  • Be willing to change

Just as the leaves change color in fall, we need to adjust to shorter days and other changes That may involve shifting your exercise time as well as your routine a little. Early mornings and late nights may no longer be an option, but how about exercising along with your child, or other parents as you wait) at the game field? Be creative, and you will find opportunities to keep fit will present themselves easier than you thought they might.




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