An Apple A Day…

… keeps the doctor – or dentist – away.

We are all familiar with this saying.  And as it is fall, and apples are just coming into their prime season, what better time to reflect on why eating an apple (or two, or three) a day offers indeed a great many benefits to your overall well being, as well as your dental health.

  • Give your teeth a ‘shower’

While apples contain some fruit sugar, chewing apples and their fiber also stimulates the production of saliva. This in turn helps flush away unwanted bacteria from your mouth, and away from the enamel of your teeth.

  • Avoid acid reflux

Acid reflux from eating fatty foods is one of the worst attackers of tooth enamel. Eating a fiber rich diet instead of large amounts of fatty fast food will keep your intestines from having to work overtime by producing extra acid to eliminate the fats.

  • Lower cholesterol

On top of NOT eating so much fat, the fiber apples contain helps to bind the fats that we do eat, and therefore lowers the overall cholesterol level in our body system. What does that have to do with healthy teeth? Not too much directly, but by creating an overall healthy body your mouth and gums remain healthy as well, and not as susceptible to infections.

  • Heart and gum health

Low cholesterol levels also promote greater heart health, by preventing the arteries from being clogged. That maintains good blood flow and therefore ensures that enough oxygen is transported to every cell in the body, including your gums, which are vital to keeping you teeth in place.

  • Vitamins!

The same holds true for the presence of vitamins and antioxidants: chemical substances that inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Vitamins are necessary for the immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses that may come against the body from the outside, while antioxidants will fight against chemical imbalances inside the body. Apples contain both, and therefore promote overall health.

There are many other benefits, including helping prevent osteoporosis, possible Alzheimer’s Disease, and glaucoma, just to name a few.

Stay tuned for more tips to stay fit during the colder time of the year!

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