Orthodontics – What is that?

Besides a “mouthful” to pronounce, what exactly is orthodontic treatment, who might need it, and when do you seek it?

These are all good questions that your primary dental care provider will be able to answer for you. Dr. mead’s friendly family practice in Purcell, OK, will assist you in all aspects of dental care, and refer you to a trusted orthodontist if need be.

‘Orthodontics’ is a word put together from two Greek words, and literally translated means “straight teeth”. It is a specialty branch of dentistry that deals with placing misplaced teeth properly, and straitening out crooked teeth. Sometimes it even involves shifting the whole jaw structure to a better position. Traditionally, orthodontic treatment involves brackets and wires (‘braces’) attached to the teeth, that will position the teeth in their proper place over time.

For children and teenagers it is your caring family dentist who will most likely recommend orthodontic treatment, especially if you have been diligent in keeping your check-up appointments. He will have seen your child’s teeth develop and may well anticipate any possible future problems. This is a great benefit of visiting your dentist regularly.

Signs that indicate a possible need for orthodontic treatment include:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Mouth breathing
  • Sucking the thumb or fingers, or other oral habits
  • Crowded, misplaced or blocked-out teeth
  • Jaws that shift, make sounds, protrude or are recessed
  • Speech difficulty
  • Biting the cheek or biting into the roof of the mouth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Teeth that meet in an abnormal way or don’t meet at all
  • Facial imbalance or asymmetry (features out of
    proportion to the rest of the face)
  • Grinding or clenching of teeth
  • Inability to comfortably close lips

(source: American Association of Orthodontists)

When you come to Dr. Mead’s friendly dentist office in Purcell, expect to receive the best current and preventative dental care you could imagine. Through many years in the field of dentistry he will advise you if you should seek further treatment, and will help you decide which options might be best for you and your children. You can trust the expert.

If you have questions, or would like to reserve an appointment, please call

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