Orthodonctic Care – Who needs that?

In our last post we discussed what hides behind the scientific name of orthodontics: Making sure our teeth are properly positioned. We mentioned warning signs that may indicate that your teeth may not function as properly as they should. In this post we will point who will need orthodontic care, and just why it is so important.

If you experience one or more of the symptoms we listed in our last post you should seek out the counsel of your experienced dental care provider. Dr. Mead and his team care for your overall well being.

Teeth that are misaligned can produce poor chewing habits, and result in strain on the the jaw, which in turn can cause muscle aches, and even headaches. A poor bite can cause the enamel that is covering the teeth to wear prematurely and damage the surrounding teeth. It can put stress and even impair the other parts of the digestive system, as your mouth is the first stop to good digestion.  So first and foremost it is your physical health that will profit from orthodontic care.

But health goes beyond physical functionality. A circumspect family dentist will include others factors in their evaluation: A well positioned set of teeth also creates a beautiful smile, which in turn promotes emotional well being and confidence.  Should Dr. Mead determine that you need orthodontic care he will advise you in all aspects as to what to expect from treatment. Even for the duration of treatment, there are “beautiful” solutions that are a far cry from the ‘ugly braces’ we all seem to picture in the back of mind.

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