We Care about You!

Dr. Mead’s Family dentistry appreciates its patients!

Have you ever wondered what makes the profession of a dentist or dental assistant so great? Why we love the work we do?

It’s because of You! It is you, the patient, that makes our work rewarding, interesting, and motivates us to do our very best for you.

In our Purcell Family Dentistry Office we come in contact with a great variety of personalities as well as conditions that always prompt us to utilize what we know in the best possible manner, as well as continue to learn about the newest developments in dental technology. Dr. Mead has been a caring family dentist for many years, and is always on the forefront of emerging dental trends.

We delight in taking care of young children, and instructing them how to best care for their growing teeth. During regular six month check-ups, we make sure the teeth are clean, there are no cavities, and we apply sealants to the emerging molars for future protection. It is Dr. Mead’s desire to always preserve as much of the tooth material we were given, and giving extra protection is an excellent start for that.

We help you maintain a perfect smile by providing orthodontic care and recommendations. We “build bridges” in the best sense, should you require partial replacements. And we make sure you get to enjoy life in the later years even if you should progress to full dentures.

Whatever your need – we love to listen and offer the best possible solution; for your health as well as your budget. No question to small to be asked. We will take time for you.

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