Which Toothbrush?

There it is: The toothbrush brand you have loved for years no longer exits. It’s like re-arranging your favorite grocery store ever so often: We like to know where everything is. ‘They’ like to give us “variation”. We like the comfort of the familiar. They want to challenge us to new experiences.

In case of the choice for a good toothbrush, Dr Mead’s family dentist practice in Purcell recommends:

  • Choose a brush with soft bristles. Hard bristles, combined with hurried and careless brushing, may injure your gums or actually damage the enamel.
  • For small children choose a small toothbrush. More important than kind is size: it needs to relate well to the size of teeth and mouth.
  • Manual or Electric? Your choice. There is no real benefit to one or the other, provided you use them regularly.
  • Angled or Straight? Your choice again. Whereas it can be argued that angled brushes may be able to better reach all areas of your mouth, personal comfort is using the brush of your choice is just as important. Chances are, you are not going to want to use a brush you are uncomfortable with – brushing or holding.

The same goes for flossing. As all dentists will, Dr. Mead recommends you regularly floss your teeth. Flossing removes particles a toothbrush may not be able to get out, and keep your mouth from harboring residue on which bacteria can feed. What color, what flavor, what shape for the floss – that again is up to your personal preference. The important thing: to floss.

If you are not sure you know how to brush or floss well, ask Dr. Mead’s friendly dentistry team on your next visit for a demonstration.  Or, if you would  prefer your child to be instructed by the “dentist” to add the weight of an expert to the importance of regularly cleaning their teeth, they might want to bring a fluffy animal friend and a toothbrush with them, to first practice on someone else.  That will also help them relax, as often dentist visits may be frightening at first.

We are here for all your family tooth care needs.

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