Oral Cancer – In the News

Cigarette Packages to display larger graphic warnings against oral cancer

In an article from june 24, 2011, the ADA reports that the

“FDA issued the requirement for larger, graphic health warnings for cigarette packages and advertisements in a June 22, 2011 Federal Register document dense with analysis and research rejecting tobacco industry arguments against the proposal and explaining how and why these images and warnings will get public attention and reduce smoking-related disease and death.”

The larger warnings should be displayed on tobacco product packaging no later than September of next year. The FDA hopes to raise higher public awareness of the potential health risk and disfiguring side effects of oral cancer. One of the warning pictures shows lesions on a lip. While controversial in its bluntness, the ADA article also stated that some

“…comments noted that the image could be especially effective with younger audiences and could positively influence such audiences by illustrating how the health effects caused by smoking negatively affect their physical appearance. The comments indicated that adolescents can relate to and will be susceptible to this message.”

While vanity may be a shallow entry to a deeper topic for some, lets hope it will indeed send a message to our young generation and discourage tobacco use. In the end, they will gain not only unblemished lips and a fatter pocketbook, but overall continuous better health.

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