Dental Care – an Investment in Your Future!

You may consider dental care a necessary evil, an every day chore like dishes and cooking, or you may not think about it much at all. As a matter of fact, if you were blessed with parents who took care of your teeth, you got off to a good start. You may have no reason to think about dental care more than in a maintenance mode. You have a winning smile, no cavities, and in general, nothing to worry about when it comes to your teeth.

However, not everyone is in that position.

Lack of early dental care may prove costly and painful later on, as cavities and other ailments affect our every day life in a number of ways. Here at Purcell Family Dentistry, we would like to give you some good reasons why early and continued good oral hygiene is a worthy investment in your future and the future of your children.

1) Early dental care for children does not only instill healthy habits, but also shows our care and affection. It may just be a few extra minutes we have to invest when they are young and cannot brush their own teeth, but any time spent interacting in a caring and loving way will bond parent and child. Brushing teeth can be made fun with silly noises and stories that help our young children work through the discomfort of a brush in their mouth. Younger children will often want to “brush” their toy animal’s teeth also, and practice caring for someone else on the side.

2) Healthy teeth promote good overall health. Food can be consumed properly, and maintaining healthy teeth also depends on a healthy diet, which in turn contributes to our general well-being. Eat well for the benefit of your teeth and body.

3) Not everyone is born with the perfect set of teeth. Some of us will need orthodontic correction so our bite can do its job. People with a straight set of teeth will not only have a better start to proper digestion, but also greater confidence. Crooked teeth can be a hindrance to developing self esteem, especially when we got teased about them at an early age. Better to endure the temporary discomfort of braces than the long lasting effect of missing orthodontic treatment. Also, teeth that are positioned properly will be less likely to develop cavities due to overlapping or narrow spaces.

4) Continued proper dental care will more likely spare you from fillings, bridges and early dentures, all of which can prove costly. If you do have to have teeth partially or fully restored, it is good to know that today’s dentistry is technically far advanced. You will suffer much less displeasure than earlier generations had to endure, and dental procedures will be much less visible after they are completed.

Dental care may not readily cross our mind when planning for the future, but it is an investment truly worthy to pursue.

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