Playground Fun without (later) Pain

*** The following article was contributed by one of our mothers.  Thank you for the information. ***

As young mothers, my friend and I often would take our combined five children to playground outings. These lasted anywhere from two to three hours. So we knew we had to provide bottles and bibs, snacks and drinks, especially in hot summer days. We were not only health conscious concerning our children’s diet, but also concerning their dental health. Over and over we were amazed how many other children toted soda bottles, even caffeinated ones, and chip bags around. We were more amazed when their mothers then wondered why their children would not want to fall asleep at night.

So here are some tips and hints from proven playground veterans:

Pack plenty of water

It is child friendly, spill friendly, healthy and serves to keep sugars from attacking your child’s teeth. If your child won’t have anything other than juice, dilute to half and half.

Take fresh fruit and vegetables

Fruit is fun! Is has flavor, water and fiber, and will you children give a boost without giving them a sugar rush. Chilled fruit and vegetables are not only body and tooth friendly, but also refreshing.

Take carbs without sugar

Carbohydrates (starches) dissolve into sugars, and sugar causes cavities. So no need to add extra. Pretzel sticks and crackers make an excellent snack combined with hot dogs, pickles and hard boiled eggs. Bring unsweetened or lightly sweetened dry cereal. What the children spill the birds will eat. Make sure after each snack they drink some water to remove sugar residue from the mouth.

Avoid: Soda, fruit roll ups, candy, chocolate, chips and the like. Not only do these snacks leave you sticky sweet, they are impossible to remove from the surface of our teeth without proper brushing.

Happy Playtime!

Author: S.K. Zupan

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